Leslie Guillory is our realtor and she is the best! Like really, she is so calm and patient and smart. Buying a home can be a really scary experience and I have realized how important it is to have a smart realtor who you trust to be on your side. She really made the whole process very pleasant and non-stressful. I highly recommend her if you are looking for a realtor!
Leslie Robertson

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Jim Keaty and Team - Broker with Keaty Real Estate Company

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Today’s real estate model is broken. Buyers are overwhelmed and confused by the intricacies of the home-buying process, and sellers are frustrated that their homes are not selling.

But at Keaty, we believe there is a better and faster way to success. Our team of Expert Advisors are here to guide you every step of the way to ensure that you are comfortable and confident through every part of the buying and selling process. Guaranteed.

At our core, we believe that the fastest way to success is by working in a team environment, or a team ecosystem, that has everyone collaborating together for the betterment of the outcome. Having a team environment allows us to maximize our competitive advantage and organically create optimum upside and leverage. In other words, our team is able to do things that are just not possible for other real estate brokerages. Together, we are more powerful and have more leverage. Together, we deliver the solutions our clients need.

Because Keaty Real Estate is dedicated to making Acadiana the best place to live for generations to come, we go above and beyond for our clients and our community. You can expect to receive the best from every Expert Advisor on the Keaty team – Always 110%.

Individuality lights a fire, but unity feeds a roaring blaze.