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Brittanie Thompson

M: 3373494069

Dedicated. Fun. Enthusiastic.

That’s what makes Brittanie Thompson the perfect real estate agent.
With a drive to make the right things happen, Brittanie works alongside her clients to identify what they’re looking for in a future home, and provide them with support before, during, and after their purchase.

Brittanie’s lively and energetic approach to the buying process not
only puts her clients at ease, but also gets them excited about the journey and the endless possibilities. Brittanie’s expertise in interior design is invaluable to her clients, giving them a unique perspective and outlook on a potential future abode.

“I really have always had a love for homes, architecture, and history. I love that each home always has unique story to tell, and I love learning about each one,” says Brittanie. “I want to share these stories with my clients and help them start a new chapter, in their new home, that’s all their own.”

“Brittanie’s fun, go-getter demeanor has been a great fit on our team for a while now. She was a great marketer and I have confidence that she’ll be an even better realtor,” says Keaty owner, Jim Keaty. “She’s a hard-working team player and always gets things done with a smile, which is a huge asset to her clients.”

Brittanie is originally from Hampton Roads, Virginia and moved to Louisiana in 2011. Prior to becoming a realtor, she worked alongside the Keaty team as the marketing director for two years.

“Growing up in a military family, my dad gave the best advice: ‘Always take care of your people, and handle your business,’ continues Brittanie. “I truly love meeting new people and guiding them through the entire buying process. I want my clients to turn to me for anything – before, during, and after the sale.”

Feeding her passion for interior design, you can find Brittanie spending the majority of her free time reading interior design blogs and looking for new design ideas online.

“I’m also a huge animal rights and welfare advocate,” says Brittanie. “And I look forward to being able to volunteer more of my time and becoming more active in our local community.”

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Kind friendly staff, and top agents to help with any home buying or selling experience! They are truly more concerned about your well being and happiness above anything else!
Brittanie Thompson