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    • Saints Streets

      Saints Streets

      The Saints Streets homes are known for their southern charm and wide ranges of architectural styles. Many homes have original wood floors, cathedral ceilings, stained glass windows, front porches and…

    • River Ranch

      River Ranch

      River Ranch, is located within a village south of the Vermilion River is the city of Lafayette. The village has approximately 2,553 residents and contains diverse architectural styles. From Caribbean…

    • Bendel Gardens

      Bendel Gardens

      Bendel Gardens’ real estate includes 150 acres on the banks of the Vermilion River in Lafayette. This area was known as Walnut Grove Plantation in the 1800s. Purchased by Houston…

    • Central Lafayette

      Central Lafayette

      Central Lafayette includes many areas such as Dulles Drive, Johnston Street, Southeast Evangeline Throughway and West Congress Street. Lafayette is on the Vermilion River and has a population of 120,623. …

    • Youngsville


      Youngsville, Louisiana is located in Lafayette Parish, Louisiana. The population is approximately 5,289 and the city is part of the Lafayette Metropolitan Statistical Area. This is a metropolitan area of…

    • Broussard


      Broussard, Louisiana homes for sale are located in a small city within Lafayette and St. Martin parishes in Louisiana. The city is part of the Lafayette Metropolitan Statistical Area and…

    • Breaux Bridge

      Breaux Bridge

      Breaux Bridge, located in St. Martin Parish, Louisiana, has a population of 8,139 people and is part of the Lafayette Metropolitan Statistical Area. Known as the “Crawfish Capital of the…

    • Carencro


      Carencro, Louisiana, is located in a suburb of the city of Lafayette, Louisiana. The name is a Louisiana Creole word for buzzard, meaning where large flocks of buzzards roosted in…

    • New Iberia

      New Iberia

      New Iberia, Louisiana, is located approximately 30 miles from Lafayette. New Iberia is the parish seat of Iberia Parish and was founded in 1779. The Spanish settlers called the city…

    • Scott


      Scott, Louisiana, is a small city in Lafayette Parish and Scott real estate is in a location that is favorable for the continued growth that has been experienced. Highway 90,…

    • Opelousas


      Opelousas real estate is located in St. Landry Parish, Louisiana and is the parish seat. With a favorable location at the intersection of Interstate 49 and U.S. Route 190, this…

    • Rayne


      Rayne real estate is located off Interstate 10 in Acadia Parish, Louisiana and is approximately 15 miles from Lafayette. The population is 7,953 and Rayne is known as the “Frog…

    • Crowley


      Crowley homes for sale are located in Acadia Parish, Louisiana. The city has a population of 13,265 and is the parish seat of Acadia. Crowley is known as the “Rice…

    • Sunset


      Sunset real estate is located in St. Landry Parish, Louisiana. The town has a population of 2,897 and was once the “Sweet Potato Capital of the Nation.” This was at…


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